Transceiver Control Module

The Transceiver Control Module contains and performs all of the Energy Management features of GEM Link® Wireless. Utilizing information transmitted from the other components, the Transceiver knows whether the room is physically occupied and controls the HVAC units and lighting circuits according to programmed parameters, pre selected by management.


Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)

The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) is the main occupancy detection component in the GEM Link® Wireless Energy Management System. Passive Infrared detection utilizes body heat rather than motion to determine the physical presence of guests. GEM Link®’s PIR Sensor will not be fooled by a spinning ceiling fan or waving drapes.

Door Switch Module

The Door Switch Module is a key component in the GEM Link® Wireless system. The wireless Door Switch transmits a signal to the Transceiver every time a door is opened or closed. In tandem with the PIR sensor, GEM Link® locks into “Occupied Mode,” allowing guests full control of the room environment, without further detection, whether they are sleeping, showering, or watching television.

Secondary Door Switch Modules can be utilized as Balcony/Patio Door/Window modules to turn off HVAC units if doors or windows are left open beyond a programmed time interval, saving energy and preventing mold growth. Wireless Door Switch Modules can be used with a wide variety of magnetic sensors, custom fit to each property.


GEM Power Pack

The GEM Power Pack is an ancillary component that allows GEM Link® Wireless to reduce energy consumption of 26″ and mini-split HVAC units, lighting circuits, and any electric appliance of any voltage up to 277V. With the GEM Power Pack, GEM Link® Wireless can control any non thermostat capable HVAC unit on the market today.

Programmer Maintenance Module (PMM)

The Programmer Maintenance Module (PMM) is a hand held device used to program the GEM Link® Wireless Energy Management features during installation and for Maintenance purposes after installation. On the rare occasion that components need to have settings monitored or changed, the PMM allows maintenance staff to do so wirelessly from the hallway, without disturbing guests.


Room Status Scanner™ (RSS)

The Room Status Scanner (RSS) is an optional hand held device used by Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Security staff to check room occupancy status. Since GEM Link® Wireless knows whether a guest room is occupied or vacant, hotel staff can use the RSS from the hallway while performing their daily duties. No more unnecessary and embarrassing intrusions on guests wile sleeping, dressing, or showering.

GEM Stat™
(Hard Wired or Wireless)

GEM Stat™ Digital Thermostats provide universal control in a format that is simple for guests to understand and operate. The large backlit display is easy to read, day or night. LCD can be programmed to display Setpoint and Room Temperature. GEM Stat™ is easy to install with programmable Temperature Limits as a stand alone thermostat or in conjunction with GEM Link® Wireless.

GEM Stat™