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GEM Link® Wireless
Occupancy Based

Energy Management System

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Lodging Technology’s GEM Product series has helped the
hospitality industry reduce energy costs and
carbon emissions for nearly four decades.

GEM Link® Wireless is currently installed in
tens of thousands of Hotel Guest Rooms,
University Dorms, and Military Barracks worldwide.

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Runs in the background, rarely needing human intervention

Superior Battery Life; Recommended battery change at 42 months

TWO Year Limited Warranty on hardware; Extended Warranties available

Free Technical Support for the life of the system

Manufactured in the USA in Internationally Certified ISO9000:2013 facilities


Connects to any HVAC system, including:

Split Systems
Mini Splits
Fan Coil Units
26″ PTACs
Electric Baseboard Heaters

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GEM Link® Wireless

  • Automatically determines physical presence of guests by detecting infrared body heat, not motion
  • Guests have complete control of room temperature while in the room
  • Resets room temperature to energy conserving levels when guests leave
  • Reduce wasteful HVAC energy consumption 35-45%, up to $250 per room annually
  • Return on Investment (ROI) of 50-60% with Simple Payback of 24 months or less
  • Completely wireless and easy to install
  • Manufactured in the USA in Internationally Certified ISO9000:2013 Facilities

When your guests go out, do your profits go with them? Let us show you how to save 35-45% on energy expense