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Lodging Technology
GEM Link® Wireless
Occupancy Based Energy Management System
Lodging Technology

GEM Link® Wireless

Automatically determines the physical presence of guests by detecting infrared body heat, not motion. Guests have complete control of room temperature while in the room. Resets room temperature to energy-conserving levels, previously selected by management, when guests leave. Reduce wasteful HVAC energy consumption 35-45%, up to $250 per room annually. Return on Investment (ROI) of 50-60% with Simple Payback of 24 months or less. Completely wireless and easy to install Manufactured in the USA in Internationally Certified ISO9000:2013 Facilities


Lodging Technology’s GEM Product series has helped the hospitality and other industries reduce energy costs and carbon emissions for more than four decades.


Runs in the background, rarely needing human intervention. Superior Battery Life of 3 to 5 years. Some GEM systems have been in operation for over 20 years!


Connects to any HVAC system, including: PTACs, Split Systems, Mini Splits, Fan Coil Units, 26″ PTACs, Electric Baseboard Heaters.


Free Technical Support for the life of the system. TWO Year Limited Warranty on hardware; Extended Warranties available.




Runs in the background to automatically determine occupancy without need for human intervention

Simple to Install

100% Wireless connectivity makes GEM Link® simple to install

Passive Infrared Sensor

Occupancy detection for the most reliable energy management. PIR will not be fooled by other moving objects in the room.

Room Status

With the Room Status ScannerTM (RSS) feature your staff can determine from the hallway whether the guest room is occupied, or vacant.

What does GEM Link® Wireless do?

GEM Link® Wireless reduces and controls energy expenses in any location with rooms and other areas that remain unoccupied for periods of time.



GEM Link® Wireless was designed primarily for the Hospitality industry. GEM Link® provides hotel owners and management companies with an effective, reliable, and versatile resource to reduce energy expense while maintaining exceptional guest comfort. Heating and cooling are typically the largest guest room expense, consuming 85% of room energy. However, guests are usually out of their rooms 65% of the day while the HVAC units continue to run unabated. GEM Link® Wireless enables management to reduce wasteful energy consumption 35-45% by returning room temperature to more energy conserving levels while rooms are physically unoccupied. When guests return to their rooms, room temperature quickly returns to the guest’s previous setting. Guests have full control over the environment while in the room, therefore not compromising comfort.

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Assisted Living / Condo Timeshare

Assisted Living / Condo Timeshare

Assisted Living Facilities – also known as residential care, adult congregate care, or domiciliary care – provide residences for elderly persons who can no longer live on their own. Often, residents spend a large portion of their days in common areas or traveling to various locations for errands, sightseeing, or field trips. Resident rooms are often empty most of the day. Condo and Timeshare properties rented as vacation getaways are known to have exceptionally high energy expenses. Guests often set heating and air conditioning units to maximum temperatures while they are away most of the day sightseeing or visiting attractions. GEM Link® Wireless helps owners maintain control of energy expenses by keeping the environment at more energy conserving, but comfortable levels while guests are away.

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College Dorms / Military Lodging

College Dorms / Military Lodging

Schools, Colleges, and Universities in the US use an average of 18.9 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square foot of electricity annually. Heating, Cooling, and Lighting are the largest consumers of electricity in these facilities. Students spend a large part of their day in class, at the library, or in the computer lab while their dorm rooms remain empty. They often take road trips or go home for the weekends, leaving the thermostat at extreme settings. Military lodging facilities, including dependent housing, are often vacant throughout much of the day (or night) while military personnel are attending classes, performing job duties, or maintaining physical training.

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