Bay Gardens Resorts Win Sustainability Awards in St Lucia

Lodging Technology Customer Re-Certified as “Green Globe Gold” Property

Bay Gardens Resorts Win Sustainability Awards in St. Lucia

Bay Gardens Inn
Bay Gardens Hotel
Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa

Green Globe member Bay Gardens Resorts has won two sustainability awards in acknowledgement of their ongoing best practices and green efforts


/ — Green Globe recently recertified three Bay Gardens Resorts1 – Bay Gardens Inn, Bay Gardens Hotel and Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa in the Caribbean. The resorts retain their Gold status in 2021.

Laudra Maurille-Willie, Human Resource Manager at Bay Gardens Resorts said, “Our Bay Gardens Resorts family remains steadfast in our dedication to embracing and implementing best practices which protect and preserve the environment. We continue to work collaboratively to accelerate initiatives which promote the sustainable development of small island developing states. We envision becoming a leader in sustainably providing innovative, authentic Caribbean hospitality by developing our team members’ skills as well as enhancing the communities around us.”

In 2019, Bay Gardens Resorts won two sustainability awards in acknowledgement of their ongoing best practices and overall green efforts. At the annual 2019 St. Lucia Business Awards held by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Bay Gardens Resorts won the Environmental Stewardship Award for their green initiatives. This included their reduction of single-use plastics, decreasing energy usage and boosting the use of locally sourced produce in kitchens. This is the resorts’ ninth business award and its first Environmental Stewardship award win.

Bay Gardens Resorts was also announced as Runner-up in the Environmental Sustainability category at the 2019 Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s Caribbean Hospitality Industry Exchange Forum (CHIEF) Awards in Miami, Both these wins were a resounding success for management and staff at all three resorts.

In the same year, Bay Gardens Resorts was the first resort group to be certified Gold status by Green Globe in St. Lucia. Bay Gardens Inn, Bay Gardens Hotel and Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa are recognized for their sustainability initiatives, many of which set new standards in the Caribbean for green tourism. 

Reducing Single-use Waste
As part of the resorts’ waste management strategy, initiatives have included the successful phase out of single-use plastics in favour of biodegradable vessels and utensils made from wood, paper, compostable plastic or sugar cane bagasse. This eco-friendly approach was expanded to include Polystyrene (Styrofoam)products that are no longer in use at any of the properties. Furthermore, environmentally friendly soap dispensers have replaced single-use plastic bottles at all properties.

Energy Conservation
Other ecological innovations include GEM Link® Wireless occupancy sensors in guest rooms (from Lodging Technology), which reduce energy for each occupied room by 30%. Converting air conditioners to energy-efficient inverter (mini-split) units also conserves energy as does lighting that is being upgraded to LEDs across all properties.

St. Lucia Economic Development
To stimulate regional economic development and minimize environmental impacts at the island resorts, a farm-to-table menu has been started to reduce total food miles.

About Bay Gardens Resorts
Bay Gardens Resorts is a group of locally owned and operated award-winning hotels all located within, or near, Rodney Bay Village, St. Lucia’s entertainment capital. All five of Bay Gardens Resorts’ properties – Bay Gardens Inn, Bay Gardens Hotel, Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, Bay Gardens Marina Haven, and Waters Edge by Bay Gardens Resorts – are close to more than 40 restaurants, entertainment venues, duty-free shopping malls, Treasure Bay Casino and Rodney Bay Marina. All properties offer comfortable accommodations, traditional Caribbean cuisine, and warm Caribbean service and hospitality. Bay Gardens’ Splash Island Water Park, the first open water sports park in the Eastern Caribbean, is a popular attraction off St. Lucia’s Reduit Beach.

For further information, visit www.baygardensresorts.com2.

About Lodging Technology

John Centeno, National Sales Director, provided and coordinated the installation of GEM Link® Wireless energy management controls at all three Bay Gardens Resorts.  Centeno brings many years of experience to Lodging Technology working with hoteliers throughout the Caribbean.  John stated, “GEM Link® brings a unique advantage to the Caribbean hotelier as many of these hotels are fitted with a wide variety and different brands of high wall mini-split units.  The versatility of GEM Link® offers a distinct advantage in that one system can connect to and control any HVAC unit, of any voltage, of any age, with any type thermostat.”

William Fizer, President of Lodging Technology and inventor of infrared occupancy sensor-based hotel energy conservation, said, “We are pleased that GEM Link® Wireless was selected by Bay Gardens Resorts as a means to significantly reduce energy expense and carbon footprint.  We welcome Bay Gardens Resorts into our 40th year of producing Effective • Reliable • Versatile energy saving products.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit

Laudra Maurille-Willie
Human Resource Manager
Bay Gardens Resorts
Reduit Beach
Rodney Bay Village
T: +1758.457.8516  

Bradley Cox
Green Globe
+1 310-337-3000
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The Essential Door Switch

for Maximum Reduced Energy Consumption and Expense

The following points compare Lodging Technology’s GEM Link™ Wireless energy management system to generically similar systems that do not utilize entry door switches.  An Entry Door Switch is an essential component of a properly designed and operating guestroom energy management system.

  1. Lodging Technology’s approach to guestroom energy management and the methods utilized to accomplish maximum energy savings, without compromising guest comfort, are very different from competitors.   GEM Link® is a “pure” energy management system; not a thermostat with a few EMS features. GEM Link® will reduce energy expense on any HVAC unit of any age of any voltage with any type thermostat, including any non-wall thermostat unit.  GEM Link® connects to PTAC, PTHP, Fan Coil, Split Systems, high-mount Mini-Splits, 26” Window units, and electric heaters.  A hotel or other facility is not tied to a specific brand, model, or type HVAC.  Some occupancy-based EMS systems will only work with a specific brand or model HVAC unit.
  • Lodging Technology was the first to utilize an entry door switch to “lock” the system into an Occupied Mode while guests are in the room.  GEM Link® does not have to constantly detect guests as in systems that do not utilize an entry door switch.  Once guests are detected in the room, with the entry door closed, the system locks into an “Occupied Mode” to allow HVAC operation under normal guest control without further detection of guest presence. It does not matter if guests are in the bathroom for 10 minutes or 4 hours, are sleeping, or simply sitting in the corner reading a book. The HVAC unit will continue to operate at the guest’s selected temperature without requiring further detection as though GEM Link® was never installed.  Opening of the entry door switch immediately alerts GEM Link® that guests may have left.
  • Systems that do not use an entry door switch require continuous detection of guests to insure proper HVAC operation.  If guests are not detected for a period of time (such as when sleeping, sitting still at the work station, or in the bathroom showering), the HVAC unit WILL be turned off.  When the guest moves and is again detected the HVAC turns on again.  This constant turning on and off of the HVAC unit WILL generate guest complaints, and shortens the life of the HVAC unit.
  • The HVAC WILL turn off on construction and airline crews that work at night and sleep during the day, if there is no entry door switch with which to “lock” in an occupied mode.  (NOTE: PIR Sensors cannot detect sleeping guests through bed linens.).
  • An entry door switch allows GEM Link® to prohibit HVAC operation when guests leave the entry door open, such as an exterior corridor entry hotel.  Without an entry door switch, guests can operate the HVAC with the door open to the outside, thus wasting significant energy and promoting mold / mildew.
  • Utilizing an entry door switch allows GEM Link® to instantly activate the HVAC unit when guests open the entry door to enter the room, prior to guest detection.  As guests enter, the HVAC is already operating making the system more transparent to guests.
  • GEM Link® Wireless is designed and manufactured in the United States in Internationally Certified ISO 9001:2015 facilities for the highest quality with a Two-Year Warranty.  Lodging Technology is a veteran owned business.

GEM Link® Wireless

Reduces Room Energy Expense 20% – 25% More than systems without a Door Switch.

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