Appalachian Power Requests Another Rate Increase: How Lodging Technology and GEM Link® Wireless Can Help Hotels Manage Energy Costs

Energy Savings

Appalachian Power, a major utility provider in the Mid-Atlantic, has requested another rate increase that could potentially affect the energy bills of its customers, including businesses in the lodging industry. This is the second increase after eh SCC approved a recent fuel factor increase.  While the base rate-increase of 16% is still pending regulatory approval, hotels can take steps to mitigate the potential impact on their energy costs.

Lodging Technology offers a range of energy management solutions that can help hotel owners and operators reduce their energy consumption and costs. One such solution is the GEM Link® Wireless system, which enables hotels to monitor and control their HVAC and lighting systems remotely. By using this system, hotels can optimize their energy usage based on physical occupancy levels and reduce energy waste. The GEM Link® Wireless system can also provide real-time data on energy consumption, allowing hotels to identify areas for further energy savings.

In addition to energy management solutions, Lodging Technology can also help hotels navigate the changing landscape of energy regulations and policies. As utilities like Appalachian Power increase their rates, Lodging Technology can provide guidance on how to optimize energy usage and reduce costs.

For example, Lodging Technology can help hotels take advantage of renewable energy incentives and programs that may be available in their area. By investing in clean energy sources, such as solar panels, hotels can further reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources and lower their energy costs over the long term.

Lodging Technology can also help hotels implement energy-saving policies and programs that can further reduce their energy consumption. This includes initiatives such as installing GEM Stat™ Wireless digital thermostats with temperature limiting, implementing energy-efficient practices in housekeeping and maintenance operations, and using energy-saving equipment and appliances.

Overall, the potential rate increase requested by Appalachian Power is a reminder of the importance of energy management for the lodging industry. By using energy management solutions like GEM Link® Wireless and working with companies like Lodging Technology, hotels can reduce their energy consumption and costs while also promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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