Managing Avoidable Hotel Utility Waste

Hotel Energy Efficiency

As electric utility rates continue to increase exponentially across the US, please consider the following:

  • Electricity is typically 6% – 8% of total hotel revenue
  • Increased cost of utilities is the primary factor in increased Cost per Occupied Room (CPOR)
  • The US Department of Energy reports that an astounding “43% of all US energy consumption is unnecessary and avoidable waste.”
  • Air conditioning and heat is the largest consumer of energy in guestrooms, which are typically vacant 60% of a 24-hour period.
  • Lodging Technology, the inventor of infrared occupancy sensor-based hotel energy conservation in 1980, provides a full range of HVAC energy management solutions with different levels of utility savings.
Hotel Energy Efficiency

Please review the attached brochure, visit our website here, and complete the one-page online “Request for GEM Link® Wireless Proposal – Site Survey” by clicking here.  Indicate in the NOTES section your desired level of savings, whether:

  1. A complete GEM Link® Wireless energy management system with 40% HVAC savings;
  2. A wireless exterior window, balcony, or entry door A/C “kill” switch:
  3. Or simply GEM Stat™ Wireless digital thermostats with programmable Temperature Limiting and up to 3- Fan Speeds.

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