Lawmakers May Force Hotels to Maintain Warmer Temps During Summer, Cooler Temps During Winter to Promote Energy Conservation

Lodging Technology

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the environmental impact of climate change, many governments are taking steps to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices. For example, in the United States, lawmakers are considering a new bill requiring hotels to maintain warmer temperatures during the summer and cooler temperatures during the winter to conserve energy. However, this could pose a challenge for hotels that rely on manual controls to regulate room temperatures. That’s where Lodging Technology’s GEM Link® Wireless comes in.

GEM Link® Wireless is an innovative technology that allows hotels to control and monitor room temperatures, lighting, and other features. This wireless system can be installed in standard guestrooms in 35 – 40 minutes without wiring or structural changes. GEM Link® Wireless is unique among all occupancy sensor-based systems:

GEM Link® Wireless operates in the background behind any type of HVAC and thermostat without requiring constant monitoring and adjustment. If programmed parameters, such as Temperature Setback, need to be changed, it can be accomplished by maintenance with the Programmer Maintenance tool without entering the room.

Installation of GEM Link® Wireless allows hotels to achieve significant energy savings, reduce their carbon footprint, and comply with new regulations. In addition, the system allows for precise control of room temperatures while guests are out 65% of the day, so hotels can maintain optimal conditions while minimizing energy waste.

Moreover, GEM Link® Wireless offers hotel guests added convenience and comfort. The Room Status Scanner™ (RSS) feature allows housekeeping, maintenance, and security to determine from the hallway whether someone is physically present BEFORE knocking and disturbing guests while sleeping, showering, or dressing. In addition, GEM Link® can be programmed to turn off the 2-burner cooktop typically found in hotel suites to prevent sprinkler damage or fire and reset the electric water heater in a vacation condo or timeshare properties. A property’s insurance company may lower the premium.  

In conclusion, the proposed legislation to regulate hotel temperatures is a step towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable tourism practices. By adopting innovative technologies such as GEM Link® Wireless, hotels, and other facilities can comply with these regulations, achieve significant energy savings, and provide a better experience for their guests. Contact Lodging Technology today to learn more about our energy saving solutions.

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