New Report Shows 43% of US Energy Consumption is Unnecessary Waste

USDOE Report

A new report from the US Department of Energy has revealed that an astounding 43% of all energy consumption in the United States is unnecessary and avoidable waste. This waste not only contributes to higher utility bills for businesses and households but also puts a strain on the country’s energy infrastructure and contributes to climate change.

To address this issue, utilities across the country are offering rebates for commercial facilities to reduce their energy consumption. By implementing energy-saving measures such as upgrading HVAC systems, switching to LED lighting, and installing occupancy sensor-based energy management systems, businesses can not only save money on their utility bills but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

William Fizer, Founder and President of Lodging Technology, a company that specializes in helping businesses reduce their energy waste says, “Utilities all across the United States are faced with a dilemma,. The need to generate and distribute more energy to keep up with increasing demand and avoid outages versus the high cost to do so and increasing government regulation.”  By reducing energy waste, businesses can not only save money but also help ensure a reliable and sustainable energy future for all Americans.

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