Reduce HVAC and Lighting Utility Waste . . . Increase Profits

Energy Efficiency

Utilities all across the US are faced with a Catch 22 dilemma . . . . the need to generate and distribute more energy to keep up with increasing demand and avoid outages or brownouts VS the increasing government regulation and cost to do so.  Therefore, many utilities are offering incentives and rebates for facilities and individuals to reduce energy consumption.

It costs a utility much less to save a kWh than to produce a new kWh of electric energy.

A kWh saved is a kWh that can be used elsewhere.

For more than 43 years Lodging Technology has spoken and written about the need for hotels, schools and universities, vacation condos, and military lodging facilities to conserve energy as a source of increased profits.

An incredible 43% of all US energy consumption is unnecessary and avoidable waste, according to the US Department of Energy.

Rates all across the US will continue to increase until we reduce avoidable waste and political decisions allow the US to become energy independent. As an example, here locally Appalachian Power Company (APCO) has recently been granted two rate increases:

  1. One increase in the “Fuel Factor” portion of the utility bill, which is about 26% of your utility bill.
  2. Another 16% in the “Base kWh Rate”.
  3. In addition, the middle east oil producing countries, on whom we depend, have agreed to reduce oil production and exports to the US.

The above scenario is being repeated all across the United States and around the World.

As a hotel or other facility owner, you have a new opportunity to mitigate these increases with installation of GEM Link® Wireless “pure” energy management:

GEM Link® Wireless is unique among all occupancy sensor-based energy management systems:

  1. GEM Link® is not a thermostat and does not connect to the thermostat;
  2. GEM Link® Wireless is “pure” energy management for ANY HVAC unit of any voltage with any type thermostat, including PTAC, PTHP, Split Systems, ductless Mini-Splits, 26” Window units, Fan Coil Units, or Electric Heaters.
  3. GEM Link® can also turn off selected Lighting in conference rooms, Breakfast areas, classrooms, and the Two (2) Burner cooktop typically found in hotel suites when physically unoccupied to help prevent fire or sprinkler damage.
  4. GEM Link® runs automatically in the background behind any thermostat and is not networked outside of the property, thus preventing malicious hackers from gaining access to a property’s internal network or remotely turning off HVAC units on guests.
  5. GEM Link® significantly reduces both kWh Energy and kW Demand charges.  (See attached National Grid/ Mass Electric Graph.)

Please review Lodging Technology’s website to learn more.  I would be pleased to meet with you a few minutes by phone at (800) 524-2680 or in person at your convenience to discuss and provide a proposal for installation of GEM Link® Wireless at a Cash Sale or Zero Net Cost over a 60 Month Term.

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